BEW Website Relaunch

BEW commisioned us to evaluate their internet presence and to redesign it to increase sales.

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BEW Website Relaunch

BEW commisioned us to evaluate their internet presence and to redesign it to increase sales.

Support in digitization.

The evolution of an internet presence.

As the website of the BEW did not live up to today’s standards and the needs of the target groups, a soft relaunch was intended. The goal was not to change everything and revolutionize the business, but support the BEW and its Internet presence on the way to digitization.

For this to happen, first a content inventory, an error analysis and various testings were performed to find out what needs to be done. The information architecture and other elementary components have been redesigned. Furthermore, a campaign for the soccer world cup was created and launched.


BEW (Bergische Energie und Wasser)


Strategist, designer, executive & presenter for testings, soft-relaunch & campaign


Set of testings (140 p.), Website, Campaign website


Approx. 2 months and still going

Content inventory & audit.

Understanding the websites’
current structure.

In order to be able to really revise the website, the first thing that had to be done was a content inventory linked to a content audit.
The main reason is that this was the only way to get an overview of the whole page, its structures, connections and contents. During the process, incorrect links, similar or unnecessary content as well as barely accessible subpages were noticed.

Furthermore, an overview of the nesting could be created in order to use them later on for a restructuring of the information architecture.

Discovering the needs.

Usability Testings

For the website optimization 4 different testings were carried out to eliminate accessibility problems and to improve the websites’ usability (Mouse Tracking, 5 Second Test, Card Sorting, Accessibility Test).

The following parameters had to be determined beforehand: core tasks, testing framework, questionnaires, the pages and elements to be tested and a test guideline. After completion of the tests, the results were collected and evaluated.

Lead a meeting with the client BEW.

After research and testings, all analyzes and results were discussed within a 3-hour meeting with BEW. Meanwhile, we explained issues that had cropped up within content inventories and testings, and discussed possible solutions. Following this, the further course of the project was discussed, as well as work packages defined to determine the time sequence and to show the client to what extent he has to take action in the process.

Defining the goals.

The most important aspects for the relaunch.

Through the previous meeting, also the future goals of the website could be determined. It was all about making the website more user-friendly and increasing sales through an easier order process.

Adjust information architecture

As the website is complex and nested, the information architecture had to be changed to give the user a better overview of all content and to simplify user guidance. This also improved the usage statistics of poorly located subsites.

Easy expandability

In order for the site to continue to work with more content in the future, elements needed to be created, that are easily extensible. For a uniform appearance, the look and content were standardized and Workshops for the client were held.

Simplify the ordering process

Since the booking process was previously not very effective due to outsourcing to a third-party provider, a lot had to be changed here as well. The complete tariff calculator and ordering process have been changed and included within the page.

Navigation comparison.

Creating an easy understandable navigation.

Since the old navigation offered no content overview and some subpages were only accessible via several clicks, the new navigation was kept very clear and simple with a fly-out menu. This offers plenty of space for existing and future subpages and teasers. Furthermore, icons were integrated for quick access to emergency numbers, shop and login.

Simplified ordering.

As previously mentioned, the tariff calculator and the associated ordering process was out of date and not effective. Therefore, it had to be redesigned. The user receives an overview of the possible tariffs, can have them filtered according to certain parameters and display further information about them. Furthermore, the entire ordering process has been integrated into the site.

The next steps.

The next steps are the textual compression and modification of the content with recommendations from CvC, as well as the redesign of the websites’ appearance. Furthermore, bugs should be fixed and the website made accessible. Afterwards, training workshops for the client are planned to be carried out in order to enable easier care and management within the CMS.

World cup campaign.

Increasing sales with campaigns and promotions.

As part of the Soccer World Cup 2018, the BEW wanted to launch an Amazon-linked campaign landing page. This should lead to new contracts with the help of a lottery and date generation. Furthermore, new customers as well as existing customers should be addressed with various promotions around soccer in the region.

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