Bäumer website redesign

The unrivaled market leader in providing specialized machines and systems for the foam industry wanted to step up their website game.

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World market leader.

Individual product inquiries with a human connection.

With over 75 years of experience, Bäumer has established an esteemed reputation for offering comprehensive and intelligent concepts and solutions that elevate production processes worldwide. From individual foam cutting machines to complete systems, Bäumer’s expertise spans the entire spectrum, ensuring that each client receives the ideal solution for their specific needs.

To improve their customer journey on every channel, they decided to hire echt.digital for a website relaunch. Instead of providing mere products, we wanted to keep the human connection of personalized consultations. By striking a harmonious balance between the feel of an ecommerce storefront and the warmth of personal interaction, we helped Bäumer elevate their digital presence to new heights.


Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG


UX & UI Designer


Website, User Journey, Styleguide, Templatepages


Approx. 6 months + ongoing support and rolling edits

Strategic Planning.

Streamlining content for consistency and efficiency.

With a multitude of products, solutions, and information to present, the project posed a significant challenge due to the sheer number of pages involved. To ensure consistency and efficiency within the allocated budget, we analyzed page types and their contents, resulting in the decision to design template pages with reusable components. By choosing four key pages and incorporating mandatory and optional components, as well as reusable elements like Hero image styles and Form fields, we achieved scalability, consistency, and simplified development.
Goals and Challenges.

The Digital Transformation of Bäumer’s B2B Business.

Embarking on the journey to transform Bäumer’s B2B offline business into a thriving digital enterprise came with its own set of goals and challenges. We were committed to addressing these key objectives head-on, while overcoming the complexities inherent in the project.

An Extensive Product Universe

Bäumer boasts an extensive portfolio comprising a wide range of individually produced machines, software, cutting tools, and more. Our goal was to create an intuitive browsing experience that allowed users to explore the entirety of Bäumer's product universe, catering to the specific needs of different industries and use cases.

From Calls to online Leads

To transition Bäumer from a traditional offline B2B business to a robust digital enterprise, our goal was to create a website that would serve as an all-encompassing hub for their products, services, and expertise. In order to bridge the gap between on- and offline, we sought to build a website that enhances communication and processes, ultimately creating a lead-magnet.

Personalization for diverse industries

From automotive to mattresses and beyond, the website needed to provide an experience that addressed the specific needs of different industries to drive conversions and enhance user satisfaction. The goal was to enable users to find complete solutions to their problems, by combining products, software and support to fit their individual specifications.

User-centric research.

Leveraging Insights

Information architecture and content structure.

Enhancing Navigation and Engagement

We carefully structured the content to resonate with different target groups and industries, making it easy for users to find the products and solutions they needed. For a personalized user experiences we included landing pages. Later on we integrated an e-commerce-like functionality while maintaining the core purpose of personal communication. For that a checkout process was implemented to enable users to select products and services, sending an inquiry for a customized solution.

The shop that leads to communication.

Designing a Captivating Digital Experience.

Employing a clean and intuitive layout, we incorporated clear call-to-actions and visual hierarchy. By including elements of an e-commerce store, offering complete solutions and making inquiries a bliss, we created a digital experience that captivated users, fostered trust, and showcased Bäumer’s extensive product portfolio.

Welcome to Bäumer: Solutions for your needs

Bäumer’s homepage serves as the gateway, tailored to meet the needs of diverse target groups. Our approach was to showcase the industries Bäumer serves, instilling trust through testimonials, and providing a clear pathway to explore the extensive range of product solutions.

The path to individually produced products.

The checkout to success.

The product pages combined with the inquiry ‘checkout’ revolutionized the way users access Bäumer’s products and solutions. Although direct online purchases are not available, the streamlined process empowers users to curate a comprehensive selection of products and services. By seamlessly bridging the gap between digital exploration and offline B2B communication, the checkout ensures a smooth transition to personalized quotes and custom solutions.

The human touch to the digital world.

Existing customers cherished Bäumer’s personal communication and service, so instead of replacing it, we wanted the website to enhance the experience. Therefore we have strategically placed contact and inquiry forms throughout Bäumer’s website and created a contact button that auto-populates the correct contact person. Expert advice, tailored solutions, exploring possibilities – the human touch in the customer journeys is what sets Bäumer apart and enables personalized solutions.
Expanding possibilities.

Sustaining excellence through collaboration and support.

Our work did not end with the initial website launch. We embarked on a journey of continuous collaboration with Bäumer to ensure their online presence remains innovative and adaptable. Utilizing the meticulously designed components, we effortlessly creates new pages and maintained a consistent visual identity throughout their digital ecosystem.

Unified Design Language

We used the previously designed components to develop a robust design system and component library. By establishing a unified design language, we provided Bäumer with the tools to maintain visual consistency and unleash their creative potential.

Collaborative growth in Action

The partnership with Bäumer extends far beyond the initial website launch. We maintain a continuous collaboration to update and enhance their online presence. Together, we embark on new projects, creating innovative solutions and expanding the digital landscape.

The impact.

Driving results, amplifying success.

The website relaunch for Bäumer marked a significant turning point in their online journey, yielding substantial results and propelling their business forward. Our collaborative efforts, meticulous design approach, and user-centric focus culminated in a website that not only met Bäumer’s goals but surpassed their expectations.

A sucess for lead generation and internal processes.

The new Bäumer website has become a fundamental part of lead generation. The various product configurators enable users to find what they need and to contact the sales team easily. Additionally the inquiry checkout process enabled a fast internal processing process. The configurators and especially the machine finder, are among the most important and profitable features of the website with a staggering conversion rate increase of 200% for the machine product finder alone.

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increased Conversion rate overall

A tool for sales presentations.

Due to their ease of use, the configurators are now used by the Bäumer sales team at trade fairs as a sales and presentation tool. In addition, marketing has expanded its print communication with QR codes to further promote the website as a leading advertising medium and central entry point for lead generation.

Incorporated  user experience in campaigns.

Before the relaunch marketing efforts through email marketing were built completely within the email program secluded form the rest of the user journey. With the relaunch the campaigns were integrated into the website, for users to get the full experience without being stopped in their journey.

This approach - the incorporation of the full user experience into our campaigns - has proven to be particularly successful.

This outstanding outcome proves, you don’t need to be an ecommerce brand and have standardized products to create a successful digital lead generation machine.